The Energy of May!

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May – a time when my energy always seems to be very full-on. I either paint, write, create music videos or as I have done this year, I blog! And whatever I do, I do it prolifically!

But now it’s not May, its June and almost as if a switch has been flicked deep inside me I feel different. Its almost like a light sleepiness descends on me and a feeling of “Oh, why does everything matter so much – can’t I just be?” The answer is “Yes, I can – I can just be and drink in from the world for a while” I mean – 27 blogs in May was a lot to give!

But I don’t want to lose connection with you, my readers, because I love talking to you! I think the tone will change though. I will tell my funny little stories with big meanings. If we look we can can find meaning in the mundane and find some lightness in the depth. This is what I love to do.


About jenniewilliamsonline

Hi. Welcome to my blog. As a creative relational hypnotherapist I help you open to your vulnerability. We need to be vulnerable to heal and to have satisfying relationships with ourselves and others. We need to be vulnerable to admit our needs. Meeting our needs and allowing others to meet them is what tanks us up and makes us feel better. We feel more satisfied and fulfilled and we feel able to give from a full heart rather than an empty one.
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