Chronic Fatigue and Children – Nature is Nurture!

The Slow Swing!

The Slow Swing!

Today we went to a National Trust property called Barrington Court in Somerset, not very far from where we live. We just went there to hang out in their gardens as we are now proud owners of membership cards!

With Luca having fatigue we have to do things by the clock which is a bit of a shame but it is the only way. He can manage 30 -45 minutes out walking on flat terrain in warm weather. So National Trust properties are just the thing. The other day we climbed Leweston Hill , the highest point in Dorset and that wasn’t the thing to do. Sometimes, though with fatigue you just get so frustrated you want to push through the limitations. Anyway today it was good. it was warm and sunny. The atmosphere of the place was tangible and powerful. The wild flowers were dancing in the meadows and there were big carp swimming in the pond. We found a swing as you see in the picture made from a very old horse-chestnut tree. Luca particularly enjoyed it because it had what he called a ‘slow swing’. It was to do with the weight of the seat I think:.

If you saw Luca when we are out  you wouldn’t think he had fatigue. Sometimes he bounds along and runs. He is excited by all he sees and animated. Thankfully the fatigue does not affect his muscles or his strength. For the half an hour we were out today we saw what appeared to be a healthy 7 year old. We know he isn’t right at the moment but the reason he picked up for that short time must have been to do with the place. You could see him drinking in the atmosphere and feasting on the sights. He was exploring the heavy scents of the flowers even though a little worried abut hay fever. He felt the wood of the old slow swing and peered into the depths of the ponds and streams. He was filling up his soul with  lots of good things. He would have said he was filling up his love tank , His words were “Mummy, I really like the National Trust” !




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